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July 13, 2009

There have been some Minor Changes made on the site. 1. The Header: I had decided to change the header because the font that was on there before was kinda fadingaway into the background so I wanted it to pop out a bit more. 2. The Sidebar Titles: I decided to change the sidebar titles […]


July 13, 2009 Xtina’s Online Radio Show IS COMING SOON! BUT we will NOT go on the air, UNTIL we have 100 People FOLLOWING US!here or on Twitter! The More People, the faster we start the show!SO SPREAD THE WORD!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! MUSIC VIDEOS! RARE INTERVIEWS WITH CHRISTINA!MUSIC BY […]


July 11, 2009

Finally home from work, I had a long day, but I bought some awesome shoes! I love them! That made my day much better. So I know ya’ll are dying to know what happened today at the meeting. Well I have good news and bad news! Let me start off with the bad news first, […]


July 11, 2009

There is not a song in Christina Aguilera’s music catalog that I don’t like. I LOVE all her music plain and simple. There is so much range in genres, I find that her collection is nothing short of masterful. One of the extensive reasons why she’s so popular is that her music speaks to people. […]


July 11, 2009

I think that I could speak for myself and the others when I say that this blog/site is coming along beautifully. As I was looking at it today I thought to myself out loud… How would we be able make this more a bit more enjoyable for the readers as they visit? And the answer […]


July 10, 2009 everyone, well I had a long day at work, I got sunburned and now, I’m nice ‘n toasty. Probably going to stay in tonight and relax since I have to work in the morning AND I also have a meeting in the AM with someone I know… it involves Karlos, Joel, Josh and myself […]


July 9, 2009

We just officially launched the official Christina’s Blogspot Twitter account. Follow Us. [Click on the ‘Follow Us’ link]


July 9, 2009 was walking up the stairs painfully (I’m sore from working out) and I thought to myself. We need to have a “Christinas Blog Spot Union” Which would consist of: 1. Karlos, Joel, Josh and Aiden (myself) to meet in person for the first time in ONE CITY, and go to ONE SHOW. Not just […]


July 8, 2009

Hello EVERYONE. Before we actually start the official blogging about our girl, CHRISTINA AGUILERA. I wanted to introduce you to the 4 guys (including myself) that you will be getting to know a lot more. We are all from different parts of the USA.Isn’t that awesome? Well, here WE are… 1. Karlos Gomez/Aguilera ,CA2. Joel […]