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First, it was the Internet stock bubble rising again. And this week, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera meet at last in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. It’s like the late ‘90s never left!

Yes, with Maroon 5 and Christina’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ zooming back up to the Hot 100 Top 10 at No. 8, and Britney inching up two notches to No. 7 with ‘I Wanna Go,’ history was officially made this week as ex-Mouseketeers and former teen pop rivals Britney and Christina both appear in the Top 10 together for the first time ever!

It might seem surprising to many that it’s taken 12 years for the seemingly intrinsically tied duo to chart in the top 10 simultaneously, given that both Britney and Christina have reigned supreme in the pop world for years. But much like the relationship between Brit and Chrissy, their chart story is a complicated one.

Both Britney and Christina, as we all know so well, exploded onto the scene with hit singles “Baby One More Time” and “Genie In a Bottle,” which hit the top of the Hot 100 about six months apart. While Christina continued with her singles success in the early 2000s, Britney struggled to make it into the upper echelons of the Hot 100 singles chart despite massive album sales. A stunning 15 of her first 19 singles missed the top 10 – and five of those 15 didn’t chart at all.

One big factor for Brit’s early chart misfires was the fact that in the early 2000s radio was heavily dominated by R&B/hip-hop with artists like Nelly, Ashanti and Ja Rule finding success. Britney, with her pure pop styling, failed to get huge radio airplay, which was, in the pre-digital sales era, a big part of the Hot 100’s formulation. Christina, on the other hand, had more rhythmic appeal from the get-go and thus consistently received radio support early on – all four singles from her debut album impressively peaked in the top 3.

The other part of the equation that determined a song’s chart position was, of course, its sales, and a decade ago, physical single sales were languishing badly as people took to mp3 downloading (Napster, anyone?). So with little airplay and diminishing sales, it’s no wonder Britney, at the peak of her prowess in the early aughts, could hardly score a top 10 hit.

Towards the end of the decade, the musical landscape shifted, and pop music became cool again. The Eurodance sound became de rigueur on radio, as exemplified by current radio favorites Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ke$ha. In this context, Britney’s dance beats became a radio staple. Also, with iTunes taking off in a spectacular fashion and legal digital downloads rising each year, the sales of a single regained its influence on chart positions, and the first-week rush factor of digital releases often means that artists can burst into the top 10 of the Hot 100 with little or no airplay. It was pretty much thanks to gangbusters first week digital sales that Britney debuted at No. 1 with both “3” and “Hold It Against Me.”

And while Britney has started finding Hot 100 success these past years, Christina is struggling, at least relative to her career earlier, with fans not taking too well to either the retro sound of the “Back to Basics” singles or the futuristic beats of the “Bionic” cuts. Perhaps the laws of physics were such that Britney and Christina cannot hold Top 10 spots at the same time or else some sort of pop kingdom meltdown would occur.

Well, whatever it might be, what we’d have expected to happen many moons ago has finally happened, and we couldn’t be happier. Britney and Christina might have had tumultuous ups and downs in the course of their careers, but their current chart success is testament to their staying power and enduring appeal. There might have been a rivalry between the two in the past, with fans of one sniping at the other, but I think both ladies have now earned the respect, if not love, of the other’s fans. Maybe fans of both should join forces in a battle of the old guard (Brit and Chrissy) versus the new (Gaga, Katy, et al.). Meanwhile, long may Britney and Christina’s success continue, and let’s hope for more frequent chart meetings!


“…Baby One More Time” – #1 (Jan 30, 1999)

“Sometimes” – #21 (July 24, 1999)

“(You Drive Me) Crazy” – #10 (November 13, 1999)

“From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” – #14 (February 26, 2000)

“Oops!…I Did It Again” – #9 (June 10, 2000)

“Lucky” – #23 (September 09, 2000)

“Stronger” – #11 (January 27, 2001)

“Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know – Did Not Chart

“I’m a Slave 4 U” – #27 (December 01, 2001)

“Overprotected” – #86 (May 04, 2002)

“Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” – Did Not Chart

“Boys” – Did Not Chart

“Me Against the Music” – #35 (November 29, 2003)

“Toxic” – #9 (March 27, 2004)

“Everytime” – #15 (July 03, 2004)

Outrageous – #79 (August 28, 2004)

“My Prerogative” –Did Not Chart

Do Somethin’ – #100 (April 16, 2005)

“Someday (I Will Understand) – Did Not Chart

“Gimme More” – #3 (October 13, 2007)

“Piece of Me” – #18 (February 09, 2008)

Break the Ice” – #43 (May 24, 2008)

“Womanizer” – #1 (October 25, 2008)

“Circus” – #3 (December 20, 2008)

“If You Seek Amy” – #19 (May 09, 2009)

“Radar” – #88 (September 05, 2009)

“3” – #1 (October 24, 2009)

“Hold It Against Me” – #1 (January 29, 2011)

“S&M” – #1 (April 30, 2011)

“Till the World Ends” – #3 (May 5, 2011)

“I Wanna Go” – #7 (Aug 11, 2011)


“Genie in a Bottle” – #1 (July 31, 1999)

“The Christmas Song” – #18 (January 08, 2000)

“What a Girl Wants” – #1 (January 15, 2000)

“I Turn To You” – #3 (July 01, 2000)

“Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” – #1 (October 14, 2000)

“Nobody Wants To be Lonely” – #13 (March 08, 2001)

“Lady Marmalade” – #1 (June 02, 2001)

“Dirrty” – #48 (October 05, 2002)

“Beautiful” – #2 (February 01, 2003)

“Fighter” – #20 (May 24, 2003)

“Can’t Hold Us Down” – #12 (September 13, 2003)

“The Voice Within” – #33 (January 10, 2004)

“Car Wash” – #63 (September 18, 2004)

“Tilt Ya Head Back” – #58 (October 09, 2004)

“Ain’t No Other Man” – #6 (July 15, 2006)

“Hurt” – #19 (December 16, 2006)

“Tell Me” – #47 (December 30, 2006)

“Candyman” – #25 (March 31, 2007)

“Keeps Getting Better” – #7 (October 18, 2008)

“Not Myself Tonight – #23 (May 01, 2010)

“WooHoo” – #79 (June 05, 2010)

“Bionic” – #66 (June 26, 2010)

“Moves Like Jagger – #8 (August 11, 2011)

Written by: Sterling Wong

Source: MTV Newsroom


Editors Note:

These posters have been posted in different parts of Los Angeles. Our really good friend and fellow ‘Fighter’ Vince Rossi saw these in his most recent visit to Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles. Hmm… Aren’t these posters just awesome? Love them. Long live ‘Bionic’ and our queen Madam Xtina.

Credits: Vince Rossi


Britney or Christina? It’s a question that philosophers have been contemplating since approximately 5 A.D. (after Disney). One’s the ultimate American girl, the other’s multi-lingual and multi-talented. One’s got enormous popularity; the other’s got an enormous voice. One’s a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst, the other’s… a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst. How to choose? It was a tough debate for Leah Greenblatt and me. Check out our arguments below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

(This is part of an ongoing series of posts in which EW writers debate the most defining pop culture rivalries. Past subjects have included the Schwarzenegger/Stallone, Godfather/Goodfellas, and the neverending boy-band battle between ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Come back here on Thursday for a duel over the relative greatness of Movies and Videogames, and then spin back here in one week for a cage match between The Simpsons and South Park to decide the great American animated comedy.)

Melissa Maerz (Team Christina): You know that old debate about how a woman is either a Marilyn or a Jackie? Well, Britney’s a Marilyn: sure, she’s sexy, but she’s totally blank, and she sings like she’s trying to fog up a mirror, one tiny breath at a time. Christina’s a total Jackie. And, yes, I know it’s weird to say that about someone who’s worn ass-less chaps, but hear me out. She’s a super ambitious lady knows what she wants and how to get it—even if what she wants is to foxy-box her brains out. Britney always looks like someone else is pressing the “desire” button on her Britbot controls.

Leah Greenblatt (Team Britney): It’s interesting that you call Britney a Marilyn, because I think Brit actually has a lot more in common with her than just a breathy giggle and a box of Clairol. Pop culture has always had sexpots to spare, but the thing that I think made Marilyn outlast so many of them was her vulnerability. Britney has that same indefinable quality—and I admit she basically sounds like a baby with a head cold when she sings—that Marilyn had; there’s a kitteny sweetness to her sexiness that Christina just doesn’t project. If anything, Christina to me is a Joan Crawford—the kind of lady you admire and know is incredibly talented but are also kind of terrified of, because she projects this hardness that pushes people away; something about her attitude seems to say “I don’t need you to like me. In fact, you not liking me only makes me stronger.” (Oh look! She actually made a song about that.) Also like Joan, she has crazy eyebrows.

Melissa Maerz: Christina would give you the hanger for saying that! I agree that Britney’s more likeable, but only in the vague, dispassionate way that, say, Cheerios are likeable. When it comes to actually loving someone, she’s got nothing on Christina, who adores the people close to her with equal hold-my-earrings ferociousness: men (and not necessarily attractive men, which makes me like her more), her son Max (who inspired an album about how baby-love can transform a woman into a mighty cyborg), and yeah, probably herself. But when Britney’s just singing down a list of menu options for dudes (Threeway? Slave 4 U? Lace and leather?), maybe we could use more songs like “Beautiful.”

Leah Greenblatt: I will give you that Britney is not a balladress (even though I still hold a spot for her tinkly little music box sadz “Everytime” and that topless-Stephen-Dorff video. Go towards the light, Britney!) In fact, I think Christina’s “You Lost Me” and “I Am,” from the much-maligned Bionic, are two of the most gorgeous things she’s ever done; they actually have that vulnerability I’ve been looking for in her. But it’s hard to find as many pop-song highs in her catalogue; I like “Genie in a Bottle” and “Candyman” a lot, but not the way that I love “…Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” and “Circus.”

I should say as an aside that there’s absolutely room for both of these women; it’s ridiculous to say we can only have one. To me though, Christina’s vocal superiority has always been a little schoolyard show-offy; why deliver a vowel in one note when you can do it in 47? Well, because that’s 43 more than we asked for. (See: this year’s Aretha Grammys tribute.)

Melissa Maerz: I’m a big lover of “Toxic,” though I’d put “Ain’t No Other Man” against it any day. I think that’s one of the most romantic marriage anthems ever, and it’s the perfect style guide to what makes a great man (soul, class, general bad-assery). You’re totally right that Christina’s kind of an exhibitionist, in terms of her singing, and, uh, otherwise. But you’ve got to admire the sheer force of that powerhouse voice, erupting as it does from this tiny body that probably spends 90% of its energy trying not to topple over on those stripper heels. When I watched her on The Voice, I loved that she could walk in there looking like a little blonde Snooki who’d just rolled out of bed, lazily mumble, “Just do it like this,” and then open that mouth and unleash an emotional intensity that could strip the hair gel off Adam Levine’s head. She’s not even trying! Though of course, maybe that’s a reason to root for Britney. You can tell she’s worked so incredibly hard for this, she’s almost exhausted. That’s why I’m partial to the punk-rock, shaved-head-era Britney who sang “Piece of Me,” her most spirited defense against her detractors. It’s like, “I’ve been doing this since I was 17! Stop talking about me, bitch!” Some songwriter might’ve jotted those thoughts down on her hand for her as a cheat sheet, but she really owns them.

Leah Greenblatt: Girl, these two had already earned their ten-years-of-showbiz-service gold wristwatches by the time they were 17—don’t forget the Disney days! I won’t lie and say that Britney’s at the peak of her powers now; she’s clearly lost a lot of the fire she had in her bodysuit-sparkle, dance-not-shuffle days, and I really do miss that look in her eyes that said she was loving the power she had onstage. To me, though, it takes more than a voice like Christina has; I think that can actually be a crutch sometimes, leaving us with more ululating than actual entertaining. It’s a fantastic party trick, but it’s not a substitute for great material, and Britney still gets the best in the business to work with her. Even if it takes a village to build a pop song like “I Wanna Go,” it beats Christina panting about her X-rated brunch menu—hold the (fertilized) eggs, please!—or her woohoo.

Bottom line, I think they’ve both given us a pretty fantastic decade-plus of pop ridiculosity, and some truly great songs; I can’t take either of that away from them. But even though my head tells me Christina is the technically superior artist, my heart belongs to Britney.

Melissa Maerz: Hey, Christina’s a 30-year-old divorcee and single mom. If she can still brag about getting “strawberries and cream” in bed, more power to her. And while we’re at it, Britney deserves to have some handsome young thing serve her Breakfast Cheetos to her on a silver platter, too. Suddenly, I’m ashamed of pitting these two against each other in some kind of diva-off. Why should there only be room for one of them when there’s still space for way too many boring rock dudes in this world?

Leah Greenblatt: Exactly. So, we agree! I have a feeling EW readers might want to say a little something though…


The WWD Beauty Inc Top 100 ranks the world’s largest beauty manufacturers. A Who’s Who of the cosmetics industry, these companies weigh in at $176.18 billion.

Firms are listed by their parent company and ranked by beauty sales for the 2010 calendar year. For companies whose fiscal year did not run from January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010, estimates were calculated. All sales figures were either obtained from the companies or generated with the help of industry sources.

For this list, “beauty” includes fragrance, makeup, skin care, sun care, hair care, deodorant, plus cellulite and shaving products. It does not take into account bar soaps, razors, toothpastes, foods and diet foods, medicines, vitamins or detergents. Beauty revenues only include sales of beauty products each firm manufactures and not business from private label lines or products it might distribute for other firms. Year-on-year percentage changes are in real terms, not on a like-for-like basis, and non-U.S.-based companies’ sales are converted into dollars according to the average yearly exchange rates for 2010.

The total $176.18 billion of sales generated by the top 100 companies was up 25.1% year-on-year. Nevertheless, much of the difference stems from exchange rate fluctuations, with growth rates in local currencies generally being more modest.

The vast majority of companies—83—increased their sales, while 39 registered double-digit growth. Of the 15 posting revenue declines, seven were from Japan, which highlights the ongoing slump in consumer confidence there.

Reflecting the high growth levels of many companies on the list, the smallest firms were significantly larger than those in last year’s ranking. For instance, the 100th-ranked firm generated $122.7 million, versus $112.5 million in the 2009 edition, or a 9.2% increase.

There wasn’t much major mergersand- acquisitions activity in 2010, although two players were knocked off the ranking since they were bought: Bare Escentuals, which was snapped up by Shiseido in 2010 for $1.7 billion, and Sara Lee, whose €1.28 billion takeover by Unilever was completed last year.

Geographically speaking, some companies in emerging markets maintained a blistering growth rate: In Brazil, Natura’s revenues rose 21.1% and Hypermarcas’ sales spiked 97.8%, for example. Meantime, in India, Dabur India’s revenues grew 10.4%.

Edited by Jennifer Weil. Compiled by Alex Wynne. With contributions from Susan Stone (Berlin); Poul Funder Larsen (Copenhagen); Nina Jones (London); Rachel Brown (Los Angeles); Kerry Olsen and Filippo Brachetti (Milan); Pete Born, Faye Brookman, Andrea Nagel, Julie Naughton and Molly Prior (New York), and Michael Kepp (Rio de Janeiro).

2. Procter & Gamble Co.


Subsidiaries + Main Brands in 2010: Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Clairol, Herbal Essences, Nice ‘n Easy, Natural Instincts, Wella, Wella Koleston, Sebastian Professional, Nioxin, Vidal Sassoon, Aussie, Rejoice, Subsidiaries + Main Brands in 2010: Frédéric Fekkai (hair care, professional products). Cover Girl, Max Factor (makeup). Hugo Boss, Old Spice, Lacoste, Jean Patou, Gucci, Escada, Puma, Anna Sui, Ghost, Dunhill, Christina Aguilera, Replay, Rochas (fragrance). Dolce & Gabbana (fragrance, makeup). Venus, Olay, SK-II, Noxzema (in Western Europe), DDF, Gillette, The Art of Shaving, Zirh (skin care). Secret (deodorant).

[To see the rest of the top 25, follow the link provided below.]

Source: WWD



Christina Aguilera was excited to meet Adele at her Los Angeles concert last night.

The American songstress attended the British singer’s Adele Live concert tour ‘ the second set of performances by the artist that supports her second studio album 21.

Christina was thrilled to meet the British sensation backstage after the show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

‘Another with Adele after LA show. Love her!…(sic)’ she wrote on her personal Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of the pair together.

Christina, who is famed for her powerful vocals, was astounded at Adele’s ability to work the crowds at the sell-out show. The 30-year-old star gushed about how much she respects the songstress, and revealed her favourite track.

‘Me & Adele. ‘Someone Like You’ is my favorite! Beautiful to see all her fans sing it tonight! 😉 love u Adele (sic),’ she wrote.

Christina wasn’t the only fellow celebrity in attendance at the Los Angeles venue. Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson, Robert Pattinson, and the cast of Glee also turned up to support the singer.

Adele has been enjoying a massive amount of career success lately, thanks to the release of her second album 21. It’s been a hit across Europe as well as in America.

Source: Music-News




“00:20: Intro Video (ft. Inside Out/Mickey Mouse Club Theme)

01:10: …Baby One More Time (Selena Gomez)

00:55: I’m A Slave 4 U (Miley Cyrus)

00:45: Toxic (Demi Lovato)

01:00: 3 (Selena/Miley/Demi)

01:15: Hold It Against Me (Katy Perry/Rihanna)

00:25: Till The World Ends-Rap Verse (Nicki Minaj)

00:15: Till The World Ends-Acapella (Britney Spears)

02:35: (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Britney Spears ft. Sabi)

The entire production will run 8 minutes, and will open the show. The introductory video will be eerie, and will feature a home video of a six year old Britney Spears playing with Barbies. This will lead into Selena Gomez singing “…Baby” in a signature school girl outfit. Followed by Miley Cyrus, whispering “…I know I may be young…” with a snake draped around her neck. Then, Demi Lovato enters rises from the center of the stage with a sequined costume on. As Demi’s song ends, all girls strut to left stage, put on Mickey Mouse ears and sing “3″ in a manner that will surely have people talking the next day. (Hint..Hint…think 2003) As their shocking performance ends, lights fade up on Katy Perry who is soon joined by Rihanna in singing “Hold It Against Me”. As their song ends, Nicki Minaj comes from the back of the audience wearing a ringleader outfit and singing her “World Ends” verse. As she finishes, all eyes shift to Britney who performs her song with Sabi. (Details of this will be available later)

Before Video of the Year is presented, there will be a video montage of Britney videos with excerpts of stars thanking Britney for her contributions to music including: Miley Cyrus (confirmed), Lady Gaga (confirmed), Justin Timberlake (unconfirmed), Selena Gomez (confirmed), Joe Jonas (confirmed), Will.I.Am (unconfirmed), and Christina Aguilera (unconfirmed). As the video ends, Madonna enters the stage, makes a brief statement and presents Britney the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Editor’s Note:

I won’t be holding my breath on this one…

Credits: BreatheHeavy